Shirtless Obama

Submitted by Bill Lucas on Tue, 12/23/2008 - 16:41

I have to wonder if there's some psychological gamesmanship going on between the incoming Obama administration and Russia's Putin regime.  You recall that Putin had his shirtless image posted on the Kremlin web site last year.  It was a supposed candid shot of him fly-fishing.  Now we are supposed to believe a papparazzi got within 200 feet of our president-elect and pointed a camera with a telephoto lens at him without the Secret Service reacting?

So granting that this was an intentional leak, the question is "why?"  With Russia's economy hitting the crapper maybe even faster than ours did, perhaps we're sending a message that our younger, trimmer president-elect can be more nimble with our economic problems than the ham-handed thief of state in Russia.

Perhaps that same agility will lend itself to strategic and military planning as well.