What's Wrong with Rich Rodriguez

Submitted by Bill Lucas on Sat, 01/03/2009 - 02:25

University of Michigan football coach Rich Rodriguez has to alter at least three behaviors if he's ever going to win over U-M football fans.

1)  Quit publicly laying the blame on the players after losses.  Take it on yourself and mean it, Coach.  You may know that if certain players had eliminated certain mistakes, the outcome may have been different, but that is something to be worked out between your staff and the players at the next practice, not after the game at the press conference.

2)  Quit with the whiny faces on the sidelines during the game.  It's embarrassing to the University.  Try to maintain some composure and self-control.  You want to set an example for these kids, not give them an excuse to draw their own unsportsmanlike conduct penalties down the line.

3)  Respect (and play) the upperclassmen.  When you're 3-7 and in the final home game, play your god-damned seniors!  If you don't play them even in that situation, you're sending a signal to the underclassman that loyalty will get them nothing.  You want your student athletes to believe that staying in the program will be rewarding, not a waste of four years of practice.

I don't believe he can change, which means he probably won't last the length of his contract.